How To Get Motivated – On Getting Fired Up When You Don’t Feel Like It

Most men confuse wishing and wanting with pursuing. Their desire for a dream may be desperate and deep, but whenever desire fails to produce, they conclude the dream cannot be theirs.

It’s time to stop talking the rhetoric about wanting to be successful and motivated.

For most of you, it’s only talk!

Every man on this planet has problems, but most don’t actually want to solve their problems.

If you’ve been living in constant brain fog your entire life and want to make a change out of desperation or inspiration, I’ll tell you everything you need to know on how to get motivated.

In fact, I will strip away every single excuse you have until there are absolutely zero left!

1. Have high expectations
Not average expectations.

In reality, it’s easy to procrastinate when every single one of your goals is bite-sized, and you assume failure from the start. Most of you get caught into the trap of worrying endlessly about how you’ll get to the future. You leave the thought of actually focusing on the future up to later imagination. It doesn’t even exist. Start focusing on the big picture, and stop worrying so much about how you’ll get there.

Dream and think bigger. Set your goals to ones that would take two or three lifetimes to accomplish. When you complete your small goals in life, you have will much, much larger ones leftover waiting for you. You honestly don’t need a roadmap to life with all the planned stops, turns, and detours. You simply need to have a destination in mind.

Just imagine a man who decides he needs to lose a few pounds. He pushes himself into the gym and works out for a full day. He then decides to reward himself with a chocolate bar for his efforts in accomplishing a relatively small goal. He can repeat the process day in and day out, only to find he has managed to lose no weight at all. In the grand scheme of things, he put instant gratification over his ultimate goals in life because he wasn’t focused on the big picture.

If he had aimed to lose 20 pounds in a year, he would have most likely lost 10, perhaps 20 lbs, had he avoided instant gratification. If he had set his eyes on losing 200 lbs, you can bet he’d end up losing 20 pounds within the first month! Our goals determine how hard we work towards what we want in life and ultimately, what we actually accomplish.

Now, how many people in this world want to be millionaires? Almost everyone. Yet, very few are willing to write down a goal of making $100 Million within ten years. Why is that? Most simply refuse to believe they would ever be capable of doing such things without winning the lottery first. Most deem it impossible or beyond comprehension! It’s that kind of thinking that sets the tone for lack of motivation and establishes the reality of failure. If you can’t convince yourself that you are worthy of reaching a challenging goal, then your motivation will ultimately suffer, and in the end, you will never achieve it.

In other words, start trusting yourself and your goals. Self-doubt is what destroys motivation. It’s the fear of future failure that prevents average men from becoming high-performance all-stars.

2. Take action and form great habits.
When you form good habits, success becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Good habits do not include things like browsing Facebook, Twitter, going to the bar with friends, watching funny videos, and so on. In reality, they are a drain on your motivation because they give you an excuse to rely on.

The truth is, you must cut all the time-sucking things out of your life that aren’t a part of your goals. All of them! Remember, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time around. If you hang out with losers at the bar every night, complaining about work, I can assure you will be a bum the rest of your life! Motivated, high-performance people don’t let distractions get in the way of their goals. In reality, friends and family are distractions. It’s a concept most refuse to accept, but it’s the truth. Surround yourself with mentors instead, more on this later.

Ultimately, you’re going to force yourself to do it, or you aren’t! No one else in the world can make the decision or determine what habits you set for yourself, only you can.

3. Make yourself accountable.
Your bum friends aren’t going to hold you accountable. Period!

I don’t care how close they are to you or how long you’ve known them for. 99% of the time they don’t want to see you succeed because when you do, they get left behind. The truth is, they’d much rather see you stay on their level at the bottom, as it is far easier for them to not compete with you.

People embrace comfort in life; they don’t like change. In fact, they fear it! You see this in politics all the time when people are stuck to their own points of view. They could be completely illogical, but if their comfortable, they will refuse to accept reality and truth. It’s a good reason as to why most people don’t venture off and start a business these days. They are deathly of afraid of doing it because they will no longer live a life of comfort, but rather a life of constant chaos.

If there’s no one to keep you in check when it comes to accomplishing your goals, and you can’t hold yourself accountable, then what motivation do you have to complete them? None! There’s no penalty, no humiliation, only self-misery, and depression. If that’s the case with you, then by all means, seek out mentors. Join a club or group where you can get introduced to other high-performance people. They will force you to accomplish your goals and stay motivated through peer-pressure.

Imagine showing up to a group every week and explaining you could not do this or that because you were too lazy. After awhile you become an embarrassment and ultimately change out of desperation or inspiration. If everyone else around you is motivated and succeeding as they share their weekly stories, you’ll become less and less okay with accepting personal failure, procrastination, and laziness.

4. Remind yourself of your goals on a daily basis.
By that, I don’t mean in your head or mentally thinking about it. Instead, put them on a physical piece of paper using a pen. If you are really serious about it, write it down a giant-sized poster.

Place that poster or posted note on your front door or bathroom mirror. A place where you cannot avoid seeing it every single morning and night.

Within time you will be present with two choices:

It will become engrained in your brain, and you will be forced to get motivated and work towards it. Or, you will tear down the poster and realize that reaching a particular goal just wasn’t for you. Either way, you’re going to accept responsibility, or you’re going to refuse it. With a reminder that’s put in front of your face on a constant basis, the excuse of ignoring or forgetting about a goal vanishes. You must face it head on.

5. Get passionate and follow it.
Some of you aren’t passionate about anything. You may have virtually no hobbies or interests at all. If you want to know how to get motivated, you must be passionate about something first!

Even if you’re passionate about playing video games, just consider all the guys and gals on Youtube who share their gaming interest with others, and rake in millions of dollars every year doing it. Ultimately, your work should feel like a hobby, one where you love doing it daily because you can wake up every morning, roll out of bed, and already be motivated.

You won’t have to find a reason or excuse to do this or that. You will simply do it because it’s what you love to do.

6. Get your blood pumping.
Get off the couch, take a shower and exercise. If you aren’t motivated enough to go to the gym, walk outside, or better yet, take your dog with you on a long walk. Do something that gets your blood pumping or at the very least moving.

Anything risky will work, from the extremes of skydiving to simply stepping out of your comfort zone. Aim to do something you fear five times a day no matter how large or small. Within three or so months you feel motivated to accomplish anything.

7. Quit being a wimp!
We ALL have problems. Every single man, woman, and child. Your circumstances, background, and past don’t matter! They are all excuses, all of them! Period. Complaining never solved anything.

The only difference between champ and chump is “U!”

It doesn’t matter if your parents abused you, if you got fired from a job you loved, if your girlfriend just left you, if you’re dirt poor, and so on. You are the only person that can decide where you want to go in life. The only approval you need is your own. Not your families, brothers, sisters, friends, co-workers, etc.

8. Understand that a level of high-performance success isn’t for everyone!
Not everyone is motivated by the same things.

While money isn’t everything in life, it’s the only thing people actually keep track of. However, you must understand there’s a difference between your emotional and financial bank account in life.

I know some of you struggle to find motivation with things like going to the gym and working out, grooming yourself properly, talking to women, and so on. All of these stem from a manifestation of low self-esteem. You’ve got to focus on building up your emotional bank in life first and foremost.

If the things I mentioned above aren’t doing it for you, then perhaps you need to see a doctor or therapist. You’ve got bigger issues to work through that are standing in front of you and your goals.

Not all men are willing to put their past in the past, learn from their mistakes, accept that life’s not fair, and push forward. The motivated high-performance people of this world, do all the above. It’s what separates the losers from the winners.

Let’s face it; If you were motivated enough to read this, then you’re motivated enough to work towards your goals! Truthfully, you don’t even need to know how. You just need to f-cking do it!

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