David Perry And The New Wave Of Comedy

Up and coming comedian David King Perry has captured the hearts and minds of over a hundred thousand fans and followers in a very short span of time due to his unique views on the world and his challenging, psychologically charged brand of satirical humor targeted at today´s pop culture phenomena.

Perry grew up as part of the New York City elite and quickly realized often times popularity, wealth and social standing were not merit based whatsoever.

By studying mass psychology, he came to understand that the value placed by people on brands, artists, role models and even acquaintances is relative and sometimes arbitrary. Perry believes most of the “cool kids” are simply lucky recipients of favors, benefits and advantages such as wealth or good looks.

So, a very particular and increasingly relevant style of comedic brilliance was born. One that has skyrocketed Perry´s followers, in a paradoxical turn of events, he now boasts a 100,000 follower strong audience on his official instagram page.

Through unapologetic humor, Perry and fellow comedians Uncle Daddy and Andy Milonakis take aim at the guiding principles behind the instagram generation, the endless quest for perfect selfie, overpriced art, overproduced celebrities and the staged lives of people who influence the masses.

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