Tentera: Great Coffee For A Good Cause.

For centuries now, humans have consumed copious amounts of coffee, enjoying it in a seemingly endless variety of presentations, flavors and aromas.

But coffee is much more than just a beverage, it’s a ritual. It´s an icebreaker, a conversation starter and the perfect companion for busy mornings and rainy afternoons alike, however it isn´t easy to find a brand of coffee that breaks through and offers something extra.

I´ve searched around the world and it wasn´t until very recently, when I came across an instagram post by bombshell Alexa Collins sharing her love for Tentera Coffee Roasters that I knew I had found something far from your ordinary cup of latte.

Tentera means: “to fight for a good cause” and that is exactly what this committed group of master roasters are doing by actively helping protect rainforests and wildlife through a partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society, having contributed tens of thousands of dollars to date.

Everything about this brand caught my eye, from the bold packaging to the legendary taste of their Indonesian coffee and the fact that they offer sweet perks such as a free sample when visiting their website, and free shipping on orders over $30 bucks, so you can enjoy the perfect cup of your favorite blend wherever you are.

They also offer an amazing subscription service, which I found to be the perfect solution for my busy daily routine. I selected my top flavors, how often I wanted them delivered right to my doorstep and how much I wanted to receive. Tentera offers both whole beans or ground coffee and the ever so practical pour over coffee bags that won over my heart.

For me though, it all comes down to two things: the extraordinary flavors and freshness of their coffee, and the fact that every time I enjoy a cup I know I´m helping protect nature, which makes a big difference.

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