This Iconic Restaurant In Tulum Blends Boldness And Authenticity.

A painting in the outer dining space greets guests as they step into an immersive atmosphere at Sale & Pepe Tulum.

It´s no secret that jetsetters from Manhattan and Beverly Hills have chosen Tulum, in the southernmost part of Mexico as a hotspot destination, part of a mythical circuit that includes other marquee getaways and experiences like Ibiza, Burning Man, St Tropez and Mykonos.

While the turquoise water and jungle chic atmosphere, copal scent and supermodels riding bikes on any given Thursday make up a sizeable portion of the appeal, for most travelers, fine dining and memorable local experiences matter just as much.

And while you will certainly want to eat local Mexican food for a night or two, after a while we´re sure your need for variety will kick in. And while you´ll be able to find a multitude of options with fusion and eclectic cuisine styles available, if its authenticity and true Italian comfort food you crave there´s only one place to consider: Sale & Pepe Tulum.

Freshness and uncompromising quality in the selection of every single ingredient have elevated Sale & Pepe Tulum to iconic status.

Unprepossessing, yet virtuous cuisine which heightens the senses as candle light and immersive music guide the diner into bliss and a time-stopping aura of relaxation.

The owners and managers of this spot, Giordano and Romina, hail from traditional roman families where cooking was taught by grandmothers as the secret to a happy life and keeping the family together. Romina was taught the secret family recipes by Giordano´s “nonna” (grandmother), shortly after they were married.

These same recipes now delight travelers and locals alike. So if Tulum is in your travel calendar, make a stop at Sale & Pepe and enjoy the pleasure of eating, drinking and laughing without a care in the world, in true Italian fashion.

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