Gen Z’s New Conscious Leaders

Introducing Breakout Star Cameron Rorrison

By Thomas Herd

Meet Cameron Rorrison, an emerging conscious Gen Z leader in the fashion space. Hailing from San Diego, CA, and 20 years old Cameron has launched herself to mainstream prominence as a fashion icon- modeling for Guess and building a robust following of 200k IG followers (without ever buying a follower or making a paid post). But that is not why she stands out.

What truly separates Cameron is a unique and unwavering dedication to building her brand with integrity. Sometimes called “stubborn” (as she has never once accepted a paid “influencer post’), Cameron is in fact acutely aware and attentive to how the brand she is building for herself is perceived.

And not just from an external angle. Internally, Cameron has firmly held her ground despite receiving numerous shortcut offers- whether that was attaching herself to bigger influencers or to even fake-dating a celebrity on social media. A private person at heart, Cameron found both prospects nauseating.

Instead, she did hands on research identifying which model agencies in LA could help her develop a true modeling career (rather than simply an influencer existence). Then she took immaculate care to impress upon her agents the fashion centric route she wanted to go. Finally, through self discipline she’s been able to adhere to her principles and set herself apart as a purist fashion model who has gained influencer status as a result of her merit and integrity, rather than selling out.

Deeply needed in this day and age (where so many “notable” social media personalities lack true substance), Cameron is utilizing her story to inspire change in the modeling industry.

She has developed a personal sense of responsibility, using her dignified success as a catalyst to inspire the new wave of emerging Gen Z models to understand this rapidly changing industry, and be able to navigate it consciously and with integrity.

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