Ancient Wisdom is Today’s New Health Trend

By Thomas Herd

Ancient healing remedies have increasingly gained recognition and even infatuation in today’s world- whether they are delivered through the prick of an acupuncture needle, or the inhalation of a cannabis joint.

In the beverage world especially, whole plant wellness leader Karuna has resurrected the popularity of ancient formulas by infusing ancient remedies like the Ashitba leaf as well as other super healing plants, including Aronia berries, beets, kiwi, and pomegranate into ultra nourishing formulas that provide all the daily antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals the body needs.

These drinks not only provide daily radiance, they nourish underlying health. In the wellness mecca of Los Angeles, Karuna has set off a sweeping cultural movement that is re-establishing ancient eastern health remedies as today’s new gold standard health formulas.

Take GQ cover model Jessica Dykstra for instance. After years struggling with metabolism, energy, and digestive issues, Jessica was advised by her doctors to look into prebiotics.

Prebiotics play a powerful role in enhancing the underlying health of the digestive system, enabling Jessica to capture more nutrition from the foods she eats. For years, hwoever, Jessica had a hard time finding good-tasting prebiotic beverages until a friend put her on to My Karuna.

Now, My Karuna has becoame Jessica’s all in one fit for daily radiance and wholesome health, allowing her to build her blossoming career at the speed she wants, unencumbered by crippling health issues.

Thanks to powerful testimonials like hers, more than 50 other celebrities, influencers, and health authoritities- from authors like Elissa Goodman to actors like Alexis Knapp- have become infatuated with the drink and shared their enthusiasm for Karuna social media, in effect creating the world’s 1st trendy pre-biotic beverage.

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