Meet Aesthetic Thought Leader, Emma Golijanin

By Thomas Herd

Say hello to Emma Golijanin, who many of you may recognize as being a former Miss Earth as well as a Guess Cover Model. However, that is far from what makes her currently so compelling.

At present, she is the visionary creative director behind some of the world’s most distinguished luxury labels, such as Liliana Montoya Swimwear.

Emma has used her career as a model to bring to life visuals that project various dreamlike settings and otherworldly possibilities.

She’s grasped that visual ethos and dovetailed it with her stage choreography skills to craft a unique visual signature that brands recognize as a work of Emma Gol.

The visual language of her work is now becoming more attractive than ever for luxury brands who are in fierce competition on e-commerce to separate themselves as the most aspirational products in their vertical.

Emma- and creators like her- fulfill this niche, providing brands the qualitative aesthetic excellence that they need to out compete.

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