Dive into America´s new favorite beauty trend

Environmentally conscious cosmetics have experienced noticeable and steady growth amongst key market segments in recent times, as a new generation of consumers strive to find the ideal balance between superior quality products and reduced environmental footprint.

Young entrepreneurs like Florida native Emily Alexandra Guglielmo, founder and creative mastermind behind one of the most prolific brands, have championed this beauty revolution.

Miss Guglielmo is an accomplished model who went from mermaid to clean water thought leader and brand owner of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, one of the leading cruelty free, vegan, waterproof and ocean friendly cosmetic brands.

Through her organization, Supporting Water, Emily and her brand provide active support by raising funds to bring fresh clean drinking water to underdeveloped nations in innovative ways.

Exciting brands like Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, that also drive positive impact have become America´s new favorite beauty trend, with more and more millennial consumers choosing products and companies that observe social and environmental good practices we can rest assured that consumer preferences like these are here to stay.

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