Soma Capital: by founders, for founders

Within the ultra competitive and ever evolving landscape of technology and venture capital many have found a complicated and often treacherous landscape to be navigated.

Sharks at every turn, waiting to strip founders and creative masterminds of their hard earned positions. Some of the most brilliant individuals society has ever seen often find themselves fending off attacks from the very people entrusted with helping their companies grow, this makes choosing the right partners and investors a crucial element for the long lasting success of any venture.

Soma Capital, the fund headed by Aneel Ranadive, accomplished venture capitalist and son of the Sacramento Kings owner has a different philosophy.

Aneel and his fund believe that trust, shared vision and mutual respect generate the best results and the most attractive returns.

Soma Capital has made caring for founders a top priority within the fund´s operational strategy, hence the slogan: a fund built for founders, by founders.

By leveraging human relationships and an unparalleled investment process, Soma Cap has been able to consolidate multiple high profile success stories across different verticals with some noteworthy examples being ultra popular apps like Rappi and Houseparty, gamechangers like the world´s biggest digital pharmacy (Alto Pharmacy) and innovative legal optimization platform Ironclad, to name a few.

With unparalleled work ethic and a privileged rolodex spanning across venture capital, entertainment, sports and business, Soma Capital is uniquely positioned to deliver value multipliers and help founders achieve their ultimate goal: leaving an indelible mark in the world.

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