How To Enjoy The Outdoors Like A Pro With SCALES

Whether you´re an amateur sportsman or a full time fisherman, one thing is beyond question: the right gear will take you very far, making every adventure more enjoyable.

For SCALES, a brand founded by fishermen, for fishermen in 2008 the focus has always been clear, to provide the highest quality apparel and accessories for those who relish the sea.

With a drive to empower elite anglers competing in top-tier tournament circuits, SCALES gear has become the calling card of professionals and enthusiasts alike, taking any outdoor activity to the next level by providing superior comfort and protection from the weather.

SCALES was born from a passion for the sea and the endless pursuit of adventure.

Similar to the morphology of fish scales adapted through years of evolution in providing protection and hydrodynamic advantage, SCALES has since drifted into Every Degree of Water.

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