Raspoutine LA Welcomes You To A New Level Of Nightlife Luxury

There are certainly many levels to the city of angels, and a place where gleaming film stars, clout-driven rappers and world class supermodels mingle with business titans and socialites has emerged to disrupt the Hollywood nightlife scene in a major way.

Raspoutine Los Angeles is the latest in an illustrious line of elite venues spread across some of the major fashion and lifestyle capitals of the world like Paris and Rome – the brainchild of accomplished entrepreneurs and well known jetsetters Alexander Ghislain and Logan Maggio has quickly become the “it” spot for the A-list crowd in the entertainment capital of the world.

With an immersive atmosphere and a sophisticated musical selection consisting of the town´s finest house tunes eliciting an opulent European vibe, this exclusive establishment caters to a select clientele and has quickly occupied a privileged position amongst key tastemakers who are experts of the night.

Raspoutine LA´s historic and privileged location at 8623 Melrose Avenue makes it an instant icon of a city with an unparalleled tradition for lavish partying and a bubbling social scene.

The Los Angeles location has successfully replicated the upscale lifestyle tradition championed by its original Paris location, a celebrity preferred spot that has hosted megastars from Di Caprio to Kanye West, and if you´re up for a night of decadent indulgence in one of the most exclusive clubs in the world, then Raspoutine Los Angeles is definitely the place for you.

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