Emily Kazandijan: A Star With A Big Heart

Born in Abkhazia, a distant land where people are said to enjoy above average longevity and with a natural magnetism that made her shine bright from a young age, Emily Kazandijan knows what it´s like to overcome great challenges and thrive in spite of hardship.

When this captivating young woman was very young, war had ravaged her homeland and her family had to flee to Moscow where Emily continued her education in the arts before relocating to New York and pursuing higher education in business and economics.

This brave woman has built a sterling reputation for her social and business expertise, stunning natural beauty and above all for the multiple charitable endeavors she has undertaken, with a firm commitment to help the less fortunate every chance she gets.

Shaped by her strong values, Emily believes that family is the biggest blessing, and she has also spearheaded several initiatives to help underprivileged families at the edge of starvation in her natal Abkhazia.

Her charitable organization “Madonna Lily” has been at the forefront of successful efforts to alleviate the pain and hardship of others, with Emily attending renowned events such as the Global Gift Gala in London where she was presented with an award for her charitable work by Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham.

For her, recognition has never been the main focus, however it is a fact that this star shines bright thanks to her big heart and riveting life experiences.

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