Darren Siegrist Has Pioneered A Holistic Approach To Wealth Management

For Darren Siegrist, one of America´s top financial advisors, wealth management has as much to do with the individual as it has to do with markets and strategy.

Darren Siegrist

Mr. Siegrist has built a sterling reputation for uncompromising customer service, always putting his client´s needs and personal preferences above everything else, and in the process, he has pioneered a holistic approach to wealth management that has become a reference point within the industry.

Darren is a self made success, and the product of hard work and an unwavering vision which has enabled him to deliver the results his clients desperately need in times of financial volatility and widespread uncertainty.
“I grew up in Michigan, always hustling. I had it in me from a very young age, I ended up supporting myself to go to college. I understood there´s nothing more important than understanding an income statement, a balance sheet, cash flow. You need to be aware of exposure and overleveraging. Our goal is just to help people manage their entire balance sheet, the most important thing is getting to know our clients, and then we build plans around their ultimate goals” - Mr. Siegrist states.
Supported by the resources of Merril Lynch wealth management, one of the premier names in multi-generational wealth protection and active growth, Mr. Siegrist and his colleagues at Siegrist, Patel & Associates believe that fully comprehending each client´s life priorities is in fact, an instrumental part of a successful process that will ultimately yield the best possible results, regardless of fleeting market conditions.

With a solid understanding of behavioral finance, and a vast experience in diversified wealth management strategies, Darren and the experts at Siegrist, Patel & Associates have refined a philosophy that actively enables clients to achieve their personal goals through the use of groundbreaking tools such as their exclusive Investment Personality Assessment, which works in a customized fashion, much like a tailor made suit is different from an off the rack garment.

Mr. Siegrist´s unquestionable expertise and undying passion for delivering superior wealth accumulation and wealth preservation solutions to his clients has helped him shift paradigms within one of the most intricate global industries.

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