Tabayer Jewelry Has Mastered The Art Of E-Commerce In Changing Times.

Most jewelry aficionados and knowledgeable consumers have come to know Tabayer as a high end luxury brand that has conquered some of the most prestigious stages and fashion runways on a global scale.

However, for CEO and Founder Nigora Tabayer the brand´s powerful entry into the e-commerce retail space has been another accomplished goal, in defiance of pre-established pricing standards and customer perception barriers, due to Tabayer´s luxury price point and exclusivity.

The brand has managed to develop a range of innovative solutions to attack and conquer the digital frontier – in spite of being best known for their selective product lines and international fashion show appearances.

For Nigora Tabayer, a creatively gifted and visionary entrepreneur born in Central Asia who has called major and fashion centric cities such as Paris, London and New York home, the development of highly engaging and unique pieces has been a lifelong passion.

Through her own experiences and understanding of the world around her, the accomplished businesswoman has created a legacy of luxury, unlike anything the market has seen in many decades.

Tabayer’s The Eye Collection- which has emerged as a red carpet favorite for a wide range of stars from supermodels like Shanina Sheik to movie stars like Eva Longoria- presents a blend of beautiful aesthetics (often inspired by nature, travel, and art) with a protective, safeguarding element—whether that be through symbolism, storytelling, or otherwise.

The result of her unique ability to create a fusion of originality, style and cultural backgrounds has emerged in an eclectic and fluid outcome that has captured the hearts and minds of luxury oriented consumers around the world.

Such thoughtful positioning and the skillful capacity to execute on the multifaceted design vision has enabled Tabayer to attain market success even in a climate that is not typically accommodating of young upmarket brands.

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