Inside Look at Celebrity Bella Thorne’s Extraordinary Trip to the Dominican Republic

The Caribbean islands' most tempting vacation spot has been around for almost 50 years. This resort has exceeded expectations with its luxurious layout and world-renowned staff. It is a clear attraction for the hottest celebrities.

Bella Thorne accompanied by boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo and sister Dani Thorne enjoyed a necessary two-week getaway. Thorne has been on back to back projects; including five new movies and a book launch of The life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray. Luckily the 20-million dollar Villa Las Hamacas was available for the perfect R&R trip.

The private estate gave Thorne’s group the ideal escape from reality with total privacy. The star was able to relax daily in her bikini by the beachfront infinity pool overlooking the sparkling Atlantic. It made for the perfect Instagram flex.

Beside the insane views and lovely decor, the Villa Las Hamacas is stacked with everything one needs such as a personal chef and butler. Thorne had everything right at her fingertips; truly an exquisite getaway.

Thorne and her posse did eventually venture out to explore the various fun-packed amenities and experiences. They rode horses off into the sunset, toured throughout the Dominican jungle on ATVs and took a yacht to the famous Saona Island where they then snorkeled in the untouched coral reefs and ventured through the underwater caves of Palmilla Beach. She even took advantage of the island’s music festival. The two-day musical performances for The Paradise included headlines Martin Garrix and Marshmello. Her Instagram posts invoked jealousy and some serious FOMO.

The winter is here and the shores of the Caribbean are calling and you know where to go for an electric vacation.

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