Discover Manhattan´s Ultimate Wellness Getaway

The city that never sleeps is globally recognized for impactful skyscrapers, a vibrant culinary scene and a seemingly unending stream of high energy activities available to residents and visitors alike, however, when it comes to taking a break from the city´s all too familiar hustle and bustle, few spots deliver quite like AIRE Ancient Baths.

Conveniently located in the heart of the scenic TriBeCa neighborhood in Manhattan, this posh celebrity favored getaway has become synonymous with boundless indulgence and an ever-astounding selection of posh wellness rituals, painstakingly designed and executed with the objective of maximizing your peace of mind and overall relaxation.

Whether we talk about over the top red wine relaxation rites or all-encompassing physical re-balancing techniques, one thing has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, when you step into AIRE, you´re stepping inside an indescribable urban oasis with an unparalleled capacity to transport you to the times of ancient Rome or Greece, but right in the middle of New York City´s busiest and most recognizable bureau.

As soon as you step inside the ancient bath atmosphere perfected by AIRE you are guaranteed to leave your every day woes behind.

In a world that moves with increasing speed and relentless rhythm, the possibility to discover and enjoy an ancient oasis right in the middle of the urban labyrinth that has modified the world´s urban landscape is a pleasure reserved for the lucky few.

At AIRE Ancient Baths you will not only be able to re-connect with your own inner spirit, you´ll also have the opportunity to replenish your physical and mental energy, with the added benefit of experiencing a unique and revitalizing atmosphere inspired in ancient civilizations, that will propel you to a balanced and health-providing mental space, guaranteed to increase your productivity.

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