Paula Weckerle: Beauty Without Borders

Paula is not like other accomplished models of her generation, she handles herself with poise and a distinguished demeanor. As she softly speaks about her upbringings, having experienced a multitude of cultural influences from her life in countries like Brazil, Argentina and Germany, Paula shares her vision for utilizing fashion as a platform to contribute towards a better world.

When it comes to understanding people, Paula Weckerle has a remarkable intellectual curiosity – one that has also seen her travel the world as a rising star in the world of fashion modeling.

Furthermore, she believes that her platform can help inspire and empower young women in emerging economies, and pave the way for others to achieve their dreams.

The Interview

What inspired you to start modeling?

I was inspired by all the supermodels back in the 90’s. Ever since I was a teenager my dream was to become a fashion model!

How did you get your start?

I started when I was 14 years old. I still remember when I went to São Paulo with my mom because I was selected to be a finalist in the Elite Model Look. Everything happened so fast!

What has been your favorite modeling job and why?

I had many good jobs and it’s hard for me to pick one. They all have my heart and soul! I am grateful and I try to make the best of all the opportunities that I am given. This industry is a very competitive one and it also changed a lot because of social media, unfortunately. So for me having my clients and keeping myself busy it’s the most important thing now. And if something big comes, then it’s a plus!

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