Pop Culture Icon Dan Bilzerian Is Turning Up The Heat In Canada.

Unless you´ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, chances are you know the name Dan Bilzerian, which is not only synonymous with a notorious playboy who catapulted himself to fame through a series of shock-value antics, but also represents a brilliant entrepreneur that has successfully transformed the cannabis market with his global lifestyle brand, Ignite.

For Dan, product quality has always been a top priority, as he takes his brand very seriously and is positioning himself to dominate one of the largest legal cannabis markets in the world. The illustrious bad boy himself is making certain that the highest quality weed will be available to every Canadian who wants to experience premium, craft cannabis at its finest.

The Ignite launch party will take place in Vancouver, B.C in March, aptly on Friday the 13th, where hundreds are expected to attend a very exclusive launch event. This event marks the beginning of an aggressive expansion effort spearheaded by Bilzerian himself, who has experienced massive success with his Ignite imprint already.

When it comes to providing cannabis pre-rolled joints, 3.5 gram jarred flower and .5 gram vape carts, leave that to Bilzerian’s Ignite team who have scoured the country to source ultra premium products, raising the bar for consumers across North America. Bilzerian clearly understands the biggest consumption trends in the North American marketplace, and the legalization of cannabis in Canada allows Ignite to plant solid roots as the first marquee brand in a very lucrative cannabis market.

Bilzerian, who has risen to legendary pop culture status thanks to his unique lifestyle and the undivided attention of over 30 million Instagram followers, now intends to utilize CannMart’s recreational distribution channels to bring Ignite THC products to market.

Winter in Canada is about to change thanks to Ignite, so blaze up and get ready!

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