Uli Kraft Is Bridging Contemporary Art And Modern Celebrity Culture

As an artist, there is no certain metric or proven formula that can guarantee success; The road to greatness is often paved with the broken dreams of countless creative people who didn´t seem to find the way to have their artistic desires met by good fortune and recognition.

Even icons like Picasso or Van Gogh struggled to be accepted in their time, but as history has proven…artistic vision always prevails. In recent history, a handful of bold and unapologetic contemporary artists have strived to create a connection that exceeds the ordinary and effects all kinds of individuals.

For Uli Kraft, a young and uber-successful artist, the journey has been an awe-inspiring one. Boasting close to two hundred thousand devoted Instagram followers and a physique more in line with a world class top model than a painter, she has taken her spot in the international contemporary art revolution

And with countless A-list celebrities fighting over her work, the landscape for Uli seems to keep broadening. From sports idol Lionel Messi, to chart-topper Chris Brown, it seems everyone who´s anyone has a fixation with Kraft´s art.

Recently, the young and accomplished iconoclast announced an ambitious global alliance with Gibson Kagni and his group of companies which is active in fashion, venture capital, entertainment and media.

This seems to be the dawn of a creative renaissance of sorts, and one that is sure to keep us at the edge of our seats.

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