The Guidance & Light You’ve Been Searching For - The Antony Gordon Show

Some people are just born with that spark - a burning desire to spread nothing but love, light and guidance in this world. These are the kind of people who impact us for life, who imprint our hearts - and our souls.

One of those rare and valuable people is Antony Gordon - he is the multi-faceted Managing Director of MGO, which is one of the leading professional service firms in the U.S. covering sports, entertainment, and media. He acts as a life coach for several high ranking professional athletes and celebrities, all while maintaining his position as one of the most sought-after motivational speakers that there are.

He speaks with an array of incredible people from all walks of life, giving advice, sharing stories - and inspiring every listener who tunes in. He is a life coach and a light in the dark for many.

How did this all begin?

In the past year - Antony’s world completely changed, when Ben Shapiro introduced him to the President of Kast Media, and his incredible podcast came to life. This wasn’t a spur of the moment thing though - Antony has always been a person who finds true joy in helping people. He was raised in Johannesburg, South Africa - and was brought up with the utmost encouragement from his mother, who always told him to “dream big”.

This led Antony down an entrepreneurial path in high school - he created a news parody show, which ended up being a great step into his participation in Rag Dynamics, a performance show - in college.

It was through this that Antony discovered the life changing power and importance of laughter and music - he believes that it “transcends across culture, religion, and ethnic background,” and that in a divisive world it’s “a way to really unite people.” Although academic excellence was of the greatest importance to the future Harvard law student, his time on stage and the valuable lessons he learned helped him to discover what he was born to do.

Antony has continued leaving his vivid mark on every environment that he enters. From organizing music festivals, to being the class representative at Harvard - his outstanding people-skills propelled the flourishing businessman into meetings and collaborations with some of the most influential people in the entertainment industry - and this was at the age of only 26.

Once he graduated from university, Antony was set to pursue a promising career as an entertainment lawyer. Yet despite his major connections and time spent at highly celebrated institutions, it became clear that no one was giving people guidance or advice on how to truly be happy, or how to grow and be successful.

After attending multiple Hollywood events, the reality really hit Antony - that those who were “living the dream” were not as happy as they portrayed.

Around that same time, Antony faced a serious health scare - this led him to take a serious pause and to do some deep soul-searching.

Antony travelled to Israel to study at Aish Hatorah, where he found himself completely transformed by a particular phrase from the Rabbi, “if you understand who you really are, you will not be living your life reactively—easily swayed by what’s considered ‘cool’.” Mixed with his own life motto that reads “we are not in the world to wait for the ‘storm to subside’, we are here to ‘dance in the rain”.

His idea to create a “GPS for life” was then born. Someone needed to guide people and help them find their purpose - and he decided it was up to him. After hard work and persistency, it eventually evolved into The Antony Gordon Show.

Even though Antony was already positively impacting people with his public speaking and life coaching ventures - this was his calling - to really dedicate himself to talking with people, to really guide people through life.

The Antony Gordon Show consists of pure passion, empathy, wisdom and deep and meaningful conversations. The most important thing is for the guests’ advice, and the podcasts themselves, to share applicable lessons, something rarely seen in the oversaturated digital media space.

The podcast shares valuable wisdom that is there to inspire people to live truly happy and fulfilled lives, and it does so through real, honest conversations with thought leaders and prominent public figures.

From speaking on how to overcome adversity, to his guest’s personal development in becoming comfortable with vulnerability, the discussions are overflowing with life changing guidance.

To listen in - check out the Antony Gordon Show on Spotify, prepare to be inspired.

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