Anthony Bold Materializes Vision for New Artist Collaboration Platform During Art Basel Miami

The world´s leading artists, buyers and critics all converge during Art Basel Miami and it is no surprise that each year a few showcases become the talk of the town. The complexity, innovativeness and impact of each display is taken into account, with artists and entrepreneurs who break the mold achieving new accolades based on their fearlessness and ambition for more expansive artistic expression.

This year, during Art Basel, visionary entrepreneur Anthony Bold made a splash with a new and ambitious artistic collaboration platform he created in just one month, named GRIT BY DESIGN™ and founded to bring his skills and provide an artist driven platform for driven artists to create spectacles out of their work, and collaborate on disruptive projects that empower their artistic premise, as explained by the entrepreneur himself.

More than sixteen international artists participated in showcasing their incredible work, however the buzz has been driven by Anthony Bold´s collaborations with Brett Loving, and Diogo Snow which had audiences buzzing as they witnessed firsthand, a successful defiance of the established status quo.

Thanks to a self imposed challenge by Anthony, and one that would undoubtedly require a fast and flawless execution amongst him and the collaborating artists, these groundbreaking spectacles were successfully brought to life in record time, regardless of the sheer operational complexity and extensive negotiations required to materialize them.

It all started with a telephone call between the entrepreneur and Diogo Snow in which Bold asked Snow what the craziest thing he wanted to pull off, and Diogo mentioned hanging a Lamborghini. A mere twenty four hours later, Bold had secured a crane that would act as the driving force behind the Lamborghini spectacle. He knew that securing the crane would be a symbol around which the whole team could rally and commit to pulling off the artistic feat in record timing; Ultimately, the collaboration between Snow and Bold led to the sale of the one of a kind Lamborghini Super Trofeo and its NFT for a whopping $315,000 dollars.

Anthony Bold also joined forces with Brett Loving in another compelling collaboration that certainly pushed the limits and entranced audiences, by having Brett paint a female model on the hood of his car, a BMW M8. This became a major upgrade from the initial project which was for Brett to paint on a canvas. “I called Brett and asked him how confident he felt about his ability to operate the excavator, to which he responded that he felt pretty confident, so we decided to take the spectacle to the next level and he ended up painting on a human body in a way that had never before been seen. You can do anything if you have focus and perseverance.” Bold explained.

“There were a lot of moving pieces, we had no shortage of set backs, but ultimately neither the artists, nor I let any of them af-fect the project.” –he affirms.

In merely one month, Anthony Bold and his collaborating artists were able to pull off this immersive experience, and create a collection of iconic moments that will open the door for many more projects with even higher stakes. From an operational standpoint, assembling 16 internationally recognized artists, handling contract negotiations and production of these spectacles for the inaugural showcase was a major statement by Anthony Bold. Motivated by passion, he believes that by empowering artists to create spectacles out of their work, there is a real opportunity to develop a whole new series of paradigm shifting entertainment.

Aside for planning programming for 2022, Anthony Bold’s focus is now to develop an impeccable design driven digital application where collectors can access, interact and purchase art from the GRIT BY DESIGN participating artists. In doing so, Bold will conquer the final frontier and effectively democratize the access to some of today´s most conversation worthy artists and the art they create.

These ambitious and unique collaborations represent what GRIT BY DESIGN and Anthony Bold himself are all about: breaking down barriers, challenging the status quo, and empowering artists to accomplish their highest possible level of creative expression. As an entrepreneur, Anthony Bold has some disruptive and meaningful projects in the pipeline, and a couple of which powered this initiative.

GRIT BY DESIGN™ is powered by DROPLET™, a wellness driven platform delivering hydration and all natural wellness products on demand, with premium drinking water being sponsored by DRINK WATR™, the hydration arm of WATR™, a company focused on designing, developing, and distributing innovative hydration and wellness products, all of which Anthony Bold will be launching in early 2022.

GRIT BY DESIGN, featured the fabulous work of over 16 internationally recognized artists. Diogo Snow (Toronto, Miami, LA):, Gild Garza (Mexico City, Miami, New York), Max Jamali (Toronto, Miami, LA):, Gabriel Collazo (Winter Park) , Dominic Lopez (Los Angeles) , Eddy Bogaert (Miami, New York): , Brett Loving (Sag Harbour, New York):, Clarence James (Washington, D.C.): , Sergio D' Larosa (New York, Miami):, Mohammed Sabbagh (Miami):
Paddy Cohn (New York, St. Barths):, Steven Navarro “Erebus” (Los Angeles) , Mackenzie Spindler (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans): Michal Shtibel (Telaviv):Flor Troconis (Los Angeles, Miami, London).

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