This New Electric Jetboard Is Designed to Make Mincemeat of Choppy Waters

Radinn has staked its rep on creating hard-wearing electric surfboards that can cruise anywhere from icy fjords to the beach, but the company says its latest model is its toughest yet.

The new X-Sport is designed to be a durable, lightweight motorized jetboard that can accommodate all manner of adventures. Like its predecessors, the X-Sport has a sleek silhouette and a hydrodynamic design to help it cut through the waves. The Swedish outfit says it’s made for everybody and every body of water.

Spanning just over 6 feet, the X-Sport’s hull showcases Radinn’s newly developed XDL Tech construction. The board has an airy polystyrene core that is reinforced with layers of fiberglass and polymer to maximize strength while still remaining compact, comfortable and light. (It sits around the 100-pound mark with the electric motor equipped.)

“There are numerous layers of glass fiber in different places to achieve the optimum durability in those specific parts of the board,” Martin Malmqvist, Radinn’s chief product officer, told Robb Report. “So it has the cosmetic durability to withstand scratches, scuff marks, and those kinds of blemishes, and it also has the impact durability if you hit something or drop it.”

The new addition is also the only one in Radinn’s lineup to have a quad fin setup instead of the usual two. The added fins serve to make the X-Sport more stable on the water. According to Radinn, that makes the board a good choice for both balance-challenged beginners and experienced riders who want to go full tilt in even the roughest conditions.

When it comes to grunt, you can opt for Radinn’s standard “Jetpack” that promises speeds of up to 27 mph or the pro version that propels the board to up to 35 mph at full tilt.

You can also choose to upgrade the battery pack for an extended range. As standard, the 2.5 kWh battery pack will give you roughly 25 minutes on the water, while the 3 kWh option powers the board for 45 minutes.

That puts the pro X-Sport ahead of its competitors in terms of speed, if not range. For comparison, the $12,935 electric hydrofoil Fliteboard can cruise as fast as 28 mph for up to 1.5 hours, while YuJet’s $10,000 surfer can run at a max speed of 24 mph for up to 40 minutes.

As for the price, the X-Sport starts below both of its rivals at $9,345. Adding the pro jetpack and 3 kWh battery costs an extra $1,850, respectively. That means the range-topper will set you back $12,145, but, hey, think of all the fun you’ll have on the waves.

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