TEITESSA Japanese Whisky Combines Centuries-Old Craftsmanship with Modern-Day Sophistication to Offer US Consumers a Luxury Spirit with Unrivaled Flavor Profiles

ICONIC Spirits, a luxury Japanese spirits producer based in the US, has recently introduced TEITESSA, a single-grain Japanese whisky that embodies centuries of Japanese distillation heritage and the finest Japanese rice grain.

Unlike the majority of Japanese whisky producers, which use peated or malted barley and a traditional pot still, TEITESSA is one of the only brands that utilizes the Sato still method of distillation. Based on many centuries of distillation history, the beehive-shaped still produces a whisky with a refined finish, mellow sweetness and fruity, lingering aftertaste. Aged between 15 and 30 years and available in five expressions, TEITESSA offers luxury spirits enthusiasts unrivaled taste profiles that, according to the creators, are best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

“We’re committed to delivering consumers a super-premium Japanese whisky unlike anything currently available,” said Julious Grant, the Co-founder of ICONIC Spirits and Chairman/CEO of ICONIC’s parent company, The Brand House Group. “TEITESSA uses only the freshest ingredients meticulously sourced from various prefectures of Japan known for producing the highest-quality ingredients available anywhere. For instance, the grain rice we use in TEITESSA is called Koshihikari and is the most expensive and highest-quality rice in all of Japan.”

Grant’s new venture comes from a passion for artisanal spirits and decades of experience at the highest levels of the industry. Prior to launching The Brand House Group, Grant spent more than three decades in C-Suite roles with global corporations such as Beam Suntory, Bacardi, and Moët Hennessy to name a few.

In partnership with his Co-founder at ICONIC Spirits, Taichi Seki, the two offer US consumers an opportunity to savor the unique and authentic taste of Seki's home country through their super-premium Japanese spirits. With Seki's rich family history in the Japanese hospitality industry and experience as a former National Sales Manager for Asahi Beer and pro MMA fighter, the duo brings a wealth of expertise to their craft. Alongside TEITESSA, they have introduced AWAYUKI, a highly-praised strawberry gin infused with rare and precious pink and white Japanese strawberries of the same name.

TEITESSA, distributed nationally through Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, is available at Total Wine & More locations in several major markets as well as select independent wine & spirits retailers and online through Drizly.

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