Finally, The Limited Edition Hennessy X.O, Kim Jones Bottle Is Now Available

The wait is over – today, Hennessy X.O and Kim Jones’ limited edition bottle of Cognac is officially available.

The French Maison and Dior Men and Fendi Womenswear artistic director made headlines last month when they announced their first-of-a-kind collaboration in the form of a collectible sneaker and Masterpiece decanter.

"We are thrilled to embark on a new odyssey blending cognac-making and couture with Kim Jones, a creative master of our time," said Laurent Boillot, Hennessy CEO in a press release initially announcing the collection.

The limited edition bottle is the third and final component of the collection. Designed by Jones, the bottle was imagined as a “ready-to-wear” version of the previously released “complex piece of couture” portrayed in the 200 Masterpiece decanters, created by 3D printing and finished by hand.

“When I saw how the vintage Hennessy bottles were wrapped, it spoke volumes to me about how precious each one is, and how they were handled,” said Jones about drawing inspiration from Hennessy X.O’s eight generations of master blenders. “I was particularly touched by their history, and the sense of how generations have dedicated their time to making each step of the process better and better. That same process also holds true with fashion.”

The limited edition Cognac bottle is wrapped in aluminum second skin, which allows the signature shape of the bottle to shine through a couture silhouette. The Hennessy X.O liquid is the Maison’s original and iconic Cognac, a brooding but smooth sip created with eaux-de-vie aged in young barrels marked by their ability to mature to great roundness over time.

"Inspired by the emblematic personality of Hennessy X.O, Kim has developed a resolutely contemporary collection that is destined to make an impact on culture today and in the future," said Boillot.

Hennessy X.O and Kim Jones’ limited edition bottle of Cognac retails for $330.

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