Coldplay’s Bassist and Master & Dynamic Unveil a Pair of Headphones Inspired by the Apollo Missions

Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman has taken the lyrics of the band’s hit song “Yellow”—you remember, “Look at the stars…”—quite literally.

The rock-and-roller collaborated with Master & Dynamic on a limited-edition pair of headphones inspired by the original 1960s Apollo missions. The over-ear cans combine the high quality of the audio brand’s signature MH40 headphones with the style that Berryman has become known for.

In fact, the new MH40 Wireless Applied Art Forms are named after the fashion label the guitarist founded in 2020. Applied Art Forms takes design cues from military, utilitarian and workwear styles to create timeless garments with modern silhouettes. The headphones echo that sleek industrial aesthetic while tipping a hat to space exploration. The retro color scheme of silver, beige and red, for instance, harkens back to the space-race era. The gleaming aluminum used throughout is also reminiscent of rockets and spaceships.

The form doesn’t take anything away from the function, of course. Technically speaking, the newcomer is no different from Master & Dynamic’s standard pair. Dual 40 mm neodymium drivers allow for a balanced listening experience, ensuring that your music—whether you’re listening to Coldplay or another band—is top-notch. Quick-pairing Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity has a 100-foot range and the headphones have up to 18 hours of battery life. Once you’ve reached that threshold, the MH40s can gain half of their charge back in just 30 minutes, and full charge in only 80.

The kicker? Only 75 pairs of the Applied Art Forms MH40s are being released, meaning it may be as difficult to score a pair as it is to acquire Coldplay concert tickets (and perhaps even as expensive, with the headphones running $399). But if you can get your hands on them, it means you’ll be able to listen to the British rock band with some of the best audio quality around. Who needs a concert?

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