A24 Is Adapting Paris Hilton's Memoir Into a TV Series

Paris Hilton‘s life will be the focus of a new TV series from A24 and the Fanning sisters.

According to reports, A24 and Elle and Dakota Fanning are adapting Hilton’s latest book, Paris: The Memoir, into a show as part of a six-figure deal. A cast, writer and director are yet to be announced, however the Fanning sisters will executive produce alongside Bruce Gersh, Brittany Kahan Ward, David Bernad and Hilton herself.

Paris: The Memoir touches on the businesswoman, heiress and socialite’s life story and was written in order for to “understand my place in a watershed moment: the technology renaissance, the age of influencers.” Her description of the book continued, “I also wrote this book so that the world could know who I am today. I focused on key aspects of my life that led to what I am most proud of–how my power was taken away from me and how I took it back, how I built a thriving business, a marriage and a family.” Hilton also touched on the persona she created during her rise to fame which she described as “part Lucy, part Marilyn,” dubbing it at her “steel-plated armor.” She added, “People loved her. Or they loved to hate her, which was just as marketable. I leaned into that character, my ticket to financial freedom and a safe place to hide. I made sure I never had a quiet moment to figure out who I was without her. I was afraid of that moment because I didn’t know what I’d find.”

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