JM Wealth Management: Guiding All Generations Through the Retirement Maze

Jim and Ryan Merklinghaus are expert financial advisors who help clients across the US navigate the maze of planning and saving for retirement. What makes these men unique is that father and son have watched some families from the beginning stages to retirement security while continuing to attract and serve young investors.

JM Wealth Management has operated for almost four decades since Jim founded it in New Jersey. Ryan joined after earning his bachelor’s degree in business and certifications in personal finance. The two agents are licensed in New Jersey, Florida, and across the US.

“One of the nice things about being in the business this long is seeing the completion of your work as people are starting to retire now, based on the target goals we chose,” Jim says. “It’s rewarding.”

But taking care of longtime clients is only a part of JM Wealth Management. Father and son continue seeking new clients of all age groups, from Boomers to Gen Z. They have the specific knowledge each generation needs.

“Part of it is educating younger people to understand that it’s really about putting away a small amount of money systematically, a certain amount that can grow at a certain rate of return, without risking losing it,” Jim says. “So that one day when you get ready to retire, you have a bucket of money to choose from to live your retirement on.”

Ryan, who’s 37 years old, has seen a lot of young people who have a different way of controlling their own lives and not being fixed to an office desk. Instead of buying a house, they’re traveling and camping, seeking national parks, and moving around the country.

“A lot of the younger generation, I would say up to age 30, is taking a little more nomadic approach to life. They’re very digital all over the place, and they don’t really believe in the 30-year mortgage and the American dream,” Ryan says. “If we can reach them the right way on a digital platform, that’s something that would resonate with their generation.”

Jim has ideas for older investors who are facing retirement or other issues. Many Boomers reach their later years and face health problems and need money. JM Wealth Management can help.

“If the market isn’t performing, we have riders that are attached to a base policy that says no matter what happens in the market, your money will grow at a certain rate of return,” Jim says.

“So you’re guaranteed to never outlive your income. And there are even other add-ons. Let’s say, for instance, a person has a long-term care issue where they’re going into home health care, assisted living, or a nursing home. The policy actually increases the monthly output so that the person can have the care they need.”

Personalized service is what JM Wealth Management is all about.

“Servicing our clients is a big hallmark for us,” Jim says. “Any of our clients know they receive a call back within 24 hours. And when they’re calling, they’re not calling and talking to someone else. They’re either talking to me or Ryan. And that’s a very comforting thought.”

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