Her Name Is Sahara, And She´s The Voice Of A New Generation.

A black SUV pulls over as screaming fans wait outside the mythical Milkboy Arthouse venue in Maryland to get a glimpse of the 20 year old starlet whose unmistakable voice has become a benchmark within a new generation’s ever evolving identity.

Sahara has been singing since she was three years old when her parents gave her a karaoke machine as a present, since then she’s gone on to perfect her craft and captivate audiences around the globe building a cult-like following in her home market of Washington DC which has catapulted her reach and impact to unprecedented international heights including the widespread television broadcast of her music videos across the middle east.

Professionally, Sahara has collaborated with some of the most influential songwriters and producers around the globe such as GProduction (Akon, Kat De Luna, Hardwell) and T.Coles (Chris Brown, Cody Simpson, JLo) to create a unique and vibrant sound that transports her listeners to a parallel universe. Her live performances exude pure, unfiltered positive energy and her commitment to giving back has been a constant throughout her career.

Most recently, Sahara helped raise funds for William Wirt Middle School, outside of Washington, as she believes children should be able to express themselves through art and music and find their own space in the world.

“Giving back has always been a big part of who I am. My family is my inspiration and I’ve learned from them that true happiness is the ability to put a smile on someone else’s face” says Sahara.

Besides successfully raising thousands of dollars for this noble cause, the young music star has been dedicated to the creation and production of new music after her global debut single, “Quicksand” quickly surpassed all initial expectations, spreading like wildfire across the musical landscape.

The music video for “Quicksand” was shot in the Sahara desert (of course), consolidating a very clear and appealing visual aesthetic that her fans have passionately consumed and promoted.

Her many interviews and presentations in massive mainstream media platforms such as Fox News, Univision and major radio stations across the United States have helped her amass a clout of organic relevance the likes of which is seldom observed in today’s hyper-competitive and over saturated music markets.

The twenty year old singer believes her art should be a beacon of light for listeners, allowing them to forget the challenges of their daily lives and be transported to a mystical and magical dimension of musical bliss.

Follow Sahara on her official platforms and witness the rise of a new global superstar who is bound to keep audiences wanting more.

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