Karuna: The Modern Leader In Pre Biotics

By Thomas Herd

Karuna has broken through the clutter of ‘marketing hype” and has been recognized by the beverage industry as delivering unprecedented value to the end consumer.

The brand of organic plant-based beverages provides a viable alternative to what the current market offers in wellness drinks. Karuna’s competitive advantage its strategic nutritional formulation rich in prebiotics to vitalize the body’s internal engines for various purposes including energy, detox, balance, metabolism, and even mental clarity.

Karuna, which launched just this past year, has undergone a series of aesthetic enhancements yielding a brand new bottle that is spreading precipitously nationwide.

The refined branding design offers a more clean, sleek, and modern adaptation that synchronizes with millennial tastes yet at the same time still carries the Far East Ethos of Compassion rooted to the brand’s core.

These advancements have vaulted Karuna into being a finalist in the best juice category of the 2018 World Beverage Innovation Awards.

Karuna was chosen out of 241 competitive companies from over 28 countries that feature the latest trends and future directions of the beverage industry, legitimizing the game changing value its modern take on prebiotics is bringing to the industry.

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