Glamour With a Conscience: High End Kings' Star-Studded Miami Soirée Merges Luxury, Excitement, and a Noble Cause.

Prepare for an unforgettable fusion of style, exhilaration, and philanthropy as High End Kings, the trailblazing lifestyle brand from California, gears up for its spectacular debut at the posh Mandrake Restaurant Club in Miami Beach on Friday, May 5th. A constellation of celebrities, elite competitions, and a commitment to making a difference set this event apart from the rest.

Born from the passion for entrepreneurship, High End Kings has carved a niche for itself with its revolutionary "liquid diamonds" product, captivating the attention of Hollywood's elite. The company's legacy is steeped in extraordinary collaborations and partnerships, and their upcoming extravaganza is destined to follow suit.

As Miami's thrilling Formula 1 week reaches a crescendo, the Blue Gala Night will enchant its guests with an illustrious roster of attendees, including Georgina Mazzeo, Alexa de Llanos, Paola Cospi, Nicky Jam, Mike Towers, and Ivana Doll. The event's intricate planning and execution have been expertly managed by Diana Piedrahita, the powerhouse CEO of entertainment company 11.11DSHOW.

At the core of this dazzling evening is the prestigious HEQ Tribe contest, where 20 ambitious participants will battle for the coveted title, an impressive $15,000 cash prize, a year's supply of High End Kings' innovative products, and exclusive photoshoots. Additionally, an enticing $5,000 raffle will inject even more excitement into the night.

The enchanting soirée commences with a blue carpet welcome cocktail at 7 PM, followed by an invigorating warm-up at 8 PM, leading to the show-stopping contest at 10 PM. Electrifying performances by Miami's finest talents, including the Elena Lee team, and the renowned DJ Purple, promise to keep guests dancing till dawn.

But the Blue Gala Night offers more than just glitz and glamour; High End Kings and 11.11DSHOW are dedicated to driving positive change. A percentage of the funds raised during the event will be donated to a foundation supporting Colombian women who have experienced violence, empowering them to transform their personal, emotional, and professional lives. High End Kings also supports a girls' foundation in the Dominican Republic, underlining the company's steadfast commitment to social impact.

The Blue Gala Night is set to receive extensive media coverage, spanning television, press, and digital platforms. Acclaimed photographers and journalists will be on hand to capture the magic and showcase the evening's most memorable moments.

With its star-studded guest list, avant-garde products, exclusive contests, and devotion to inspiring causes, High End Kings' Blue Gala Night is poised to become one of Miami's most iconic events. Don't let this extraordinary experience pass you by – secure your tickets or tables on Eventbrite now!

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