This Luxury Air Service Might Redefine What It Means to ‘Fly Private’

Your next coast-to-coast trip may feel more like flying on a private jet, once aviation startup GOLDWING launches their highly-anticipated daily service between New York City and Los Angeles.

In a few short years, travelers can sip cocktails at the mile-high bar and lounge before retiring to their own private suites. These fully-enclosed SkyCabins are completely private and available in multiple configurations, with some seating four people. This unique concept allows passengers to travel privately with their partners, families, friends, and even pets!

To complete the private travel experience, GOLDWING plans to operate exclusively from small, convenient private jet terminals. This ensures a seamless airport experience: passengers pull up to the valet, drop their bags and vehicles, and walk directly to the aircraft parked just yards away.

Upon arrival, passengers exit the aircraft to their awaiting cars, helicopters, or commuter planes ready to whisk them away to their final destination, whether it be Malibu, Martha’s Vineyard, or midtown Manhattan. An experience for wealthy families, businesspeople, and celebrities alike.

"Our guests would arrive at the airport just minutes before departure as they would when flying private, which shaves hours off their journey," says company founder Chad Spodick. "I can confidently say that we are building the ultimate flying experience elite travelers have been waiting for.”

All of this would be surprisingly affordable, with SkyCabin pricing comparable to international first-class on premium carriers like Emirates or Air France.
GOLDWING partner, Erik Christianson, joined the company to make ‘flying private’ more sustainable for both your pocketbook and the planet:

“Even though they may be wealthy, private jet users are still price-conscious and they are increasingly conscious of the environmental and reputational cost. We can offer them an alternative that is both more affordable and climate friendly by relocating the private jet experience onto spacious, fuel-efficient airliners running on sustainable low-carbon aviation fuel.”

This is why GOLDWING’s founding team is passionate about standing out from the rest by delivering world-class service; they have decades of experience flying for Hollywood celebrities and Middle Eastern royals and want to bring that exclusive private aviation glamor back to air travel.

The company plans partnerships with leading luxury brands and top-tier local restaurants to elevate this already elite experience: not just cashmere socks and designer amenity kits, but also the high-end wines, caviar, and fresh gourmet catering you’d see on a private jet.

So, when could we see GOLDWING hit the skies? Just a couple years after completing their Series A, according to company President Zohrab Grigorian. The company raised pre-Seed funds during the pandemic, and is presently soliciting accredited investors for their Seed round. Interested parties may contact for additional information.

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